Towing Packages

RV Towing Packages and Installation


Whether a child or child at heart, everyone loves making memories while rolling down the road in an RV. With no one left to drive the car (who wants to miss out on all the fun in the RV?), towing becomes a necessity.

Iron Horse RV Specialists will walk you through everything you need to know about protecting your car and RV while towing, as well as the legal requirements from state to state.

Our Towing Services

We offer:

  • Towbars
  • Base plates
  • Wiring packages
  • 5th wheel hitches
  • Standard tow hitches

…and all the components in between.

There are many factors to consider when choosing from the RV towing packages available, but we will guide you and help you decide what application is best for you. Not sure whether your truck is powerful enough to tow your fifth wheel? Not sure whether your vehicle model can be towed with all four tires down? These are the types of questions we’re ready to answer for you.

Contact us today with your RV towing questions, or to receive a quote on a tow package.