Insurance & Warranty

RV Insurance Work at Iron Horse RV in San Antonio


When you’ve been through an unexpected accident, your RV repair facility should make your life easier, not cause you more stress. Iron Horse RV Specialists works with all major insurance companies to perform RV insurance work, and accepts all extended warranties to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Authorized Service Center: Tiffin and Entegra

Though Iron Horse RV Specialists services every brand of RV, from travel trailers to diesel Class A motorhomes, we have received special recognition from Tiffin and Entegra.

As a Tiffin Authorized Service Center, we bill Tiffin directly for any work we do on your RV. This provides a seamless experience for you as a Tiffin owner.

As an Entegra Authorized Service Center, we contact Entegra to authorize your repairs before getting started. You’ll pay for your repairs at Iron Horse RV Specialists, and then Entegra will reimburse you afterwards.

By entrusting Iron Horse RV Specialists with the Authorized Service Center title, Tiffin and Entegra recognize that Iron Horse RV Specialists has the expertise to perform warranty work on their coaches.